Thursday, 17 October 2013

One year on

Its now almost a year since we got the keys to our new home. We have got through a fair amount of our list of 'extras' that we wanted to complete ourselves. It is amazing how long that list can get, even though it is a brand new house. It really is starting to feel like a proper home now. We have been fairly lucky with the house, as there have been no major issues so far. A few minor issues with plumbing, but otherwise nothing to report inside the house. Other than quite a few upgrades to things like wardrobe door handles (which really were cheap and nasty), we have been happy with the overall finish. Our main problems have been the outside area. It really was left in a horrible near unusable space when the builders left. After many, many hours of hard work though, we do have the effect of a usable garden now, well, despite the sloping aspect of the back garden (who'd have thought a fall of 1.5m across the whole block would create the annoyance that it has, lol). It had always kind of annoyed me how things were left by Urbanedge, however I assumed this was just standard practice (as I believe it is by most of the 'big ' builders). In the last few weeks however a 'small' builder started construction on the house next door to us, and that site is always immaculate, even after the slab was poured there was a guy in cleaning up the mess AND levelling the area around the house - wow, I know who I will use if I ever build again, if they continue at this standard!!!