Friday, 12 October 2012

Week 14, Certificate of Occupancy Granted


Exciting Times.

We had our first weeting with our SS on Thursday, which went really well, it was so exciting to see everything all finished! Then today (Friday) the manager was out to do his insepection AND the council came out to do their checks. We got our Certificate of Occupancy, so everything is moving along perfectly so far, with our PCI booked for Tuesday! I cant believe we could be getting our keys in  a couple of weeks! Every spare moment I have is now taken up, with packing up the rental house, planning the move, or thinking about how to decorate the new house!

I am however, a litte confused as to what carpet they have given us, its definately not what i chose last week, but i think it might be our original selection, which we were told was out of stock.

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