Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Week 15 - PCI, and final inspection by the bank

Things are still moving along great at the moment. The QA with the manager went with out a hitch. Our PCI on tuesday went very well, with no major issues, and we didnt find much that the SS didnt already have on his own to do list!

The bank did their final inspection today, I havn't heard how that went, but i assume there were no issues! The only thing preventing us from submittng the claim for our final payment now is getting a physical copy of the 'certificate of occupancy'. Although this was approved, the council wont hand it over to the builder until the gas line had gone in. There was apparently some delay here due to the skip being positioned where they wanted to dig the trench. The gas line however went in this morning so fingers crossed we will have that certificate very soon.

No pictures today, but i'm hoping to be doing another update very soon! Were all starting to get very excited about getting our keys soon! (Not so excited about packing up and cleaning the current rental house, but we'll get there, lol)


  1. your house looks great and you're almost there! congrats on your new home and please post pics once you move in! all the best! :)

  2. Thank you, it feels like it has been finished for ages. I foolishly imagined that once it was finished we would get the keys almost straight away. I really hope we get the keys later this week though! :-)