Thursday, 12 July 2012

Week 1

We got to site this Tuesday, and by Wednesday evening (when I went to check on the site) we had the start of a retaining wall and a strange barrier ' thing' at the front of the site, apparently to stop surface water running off the site and polluting the waterways (or something like that). It was an amazing feeling to see things starting to happen though.( I did take a photo, but I am having trouble uploading it ) hopefully by Saturday morning, when I'm next going to check on things, there will be even more progress :-)

I have been told by our construction administrator ( who like everyone else at urbanedge homes is being great answering all my questions, and keeping me informed) that next week we will be getting the piers, and the underground drainage pipes, with our conrete slab due to be poured the following Wednesday! I'm now anxiously watching the weather forecast, as I really feel like getting the slab down will be a massive thrill, and start to make everything feel 'real'. I'm also excited to see the slab down so I can get an idea of what our garden could look like!

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