Sunday, 22 July 2012

Week 2

Week 2, it was a tense week, watching the weather. luckily it was a relatively dry week - hopefully we are in for a run of dry winter days ;-)

 I was over in doreen on Friday, to enrol my daughter at what will be her new school so we popped in to see the site. we were both excited to see a tractor on site busily digging trenches. It was also apparent that there were a lot of pipes going in. There does seems to be a lot of pipes, however as i have no idea how many pipes houses normally have, i assume everything is correct. We also now have a portaloo on site, so we match all the neighbours sites, AND its officially a building site!

We returned to the site on sunday, so that the rest of the family could see the progress. This time there were even more pipes popping up all over the place - i'm now even more lost, i have no idea what they are all for, nonetheless it is good to see them all in place. The kids enjoyed the fact that the fencing had been left open, so that they could climb in the big piles of mud!!!

We are all excited about next week  - pouring the slab. Apparently the slab is due to be poured on wednesday (weather permitting) luckily the forecast is suggesting it should be another relatively dry week - fingers crossed!

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