Tuesday, 31 July 2012

End of Week 3

Well, at the end of the 3rd week, and we have half our slab down. so now we can really get idea for how it sits on the block. looking at this photo it looks like the house completely fills the block, but there is actually a good 6.5 meters of garden to the rear and 2.5 meters to the right hand side of the house. Although it was extremely muddy, we enjoyed this visit, as its the first time we have seen any actual 'building'. The only real surprise so far is how hight the house seems to be sitting at the rear of the block (we are going to have a good view into the row of gardens behind us.....we may have to think about some creative planting.) its really quite hard to visualise the finished effect from the builders site drawings. On the plus side, its not our garden thats too over-looked!

As i am writing this a few days late, i can confirm that the slab was completed on Monday, and i believe they are still aiming to have the frame completed by next weekend. Its amazing how quickly they can get the frames up. So fingers crossed by our next visit we should have a 'skeleton house'. it will be good to walk through and show the kids where everything is going to be.

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