Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Week 3 - Midweek

 We went up to the site on Wednesday to see if the slab had been poured, unfortunately it turns out it was rescheduled for Friday. So 2 more days to wait - which isnt too bad really! however the site was very definately ready for the slab.  Someone had spraypainted  on to the ground exactly where the edge of the slab was going to be so it was quite interesting to see where everything was going to go (after months of guessing)

 The picture above clearly shows the edge of the garage, the porch and the alfresco. it all looks so small, but ive been reliably informed that everyone thinks that until the walls go up ;-)

As well as discovering the slab is due to be poured tomorrow, i also discovered that the frame is due to be complete by the end  of next week, which is really exciting! I think the kids (and to a certain extent the adults) will find it easier to visualise once we have a frame with defined rooms in the space. Its so exciting!

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