Sunday, 16 September 2012

Week 10

Wow, they have been busy this week, we had our first layer of paint throughout the house, with the rest set to be completed in the next few days. The white kitchen is starting to look very smart against the white walls (well we think so)

Also i can see they have been preparing to install the electriacal sockets. I didnt know they were doing this this week so that was a lovely surprise, as was the apparent plumbing prearations that had begun. The bathrooms had obviously been prepared for the tiling to commence very soon (yay). Below is the laundry room with the plumbing also very much started.
I was also VERY pleasantly surprised to see they had cleared the site of all the rubbish and building materials which had accumilated AND they'd levelled off the soil/mud so we could see the actual garden space. It had been hard to visualise it as a garden up until today!

I cant wait to see whay they will achieve this week, I know I have said this before, but this week its really starting to feel like a home now, I cant wait to move in!


  1. Just wondering if you will be using any personal inspector ?

  2. Actually, I just got the letter from the bank yesterday regarding when they want to send out their buildings inspector, and I know the council send out one of their building inspectors before they will issue the 'certificate of occupancy'. I'm not sure whether to get a third opinion, or wait and see what the bank and the council representatives come up with. I might look in to the idea of getting an independent opinion though.