Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Week 9

Well, bricking was complete on monday of week 10 (except window sills, as apparently they are done later) UE have been trying to invoice me for this since week 8 (this is the one criticism  have of their organisation so far - the invoices keep coming out before they have completed each stage - fustrating, but not serious. They tend to admit their mistake, and rectify it without too much bother, so I cant criticise them too much :-)  ) They have also ordered a new overhead cupboard for our kitchen, as apparently the one above the fridge was STOLEN after it was installed.

This week we got invoiced for both the 'lock up' and 'fixing' stages, so it really is a house now (not a home quite yet though). Depressingly or impressively, depending on how you look at it, I noticed the house behind us, which was started the same week as ours is now completely finished, and when I say completely finished, i mean even the landscaping has been done. It just shows how quickly it can be done! WOW

Back to our house, the top picture is and our alfresco coming together. I was up there on a cold and windy day and it was so sheltered there I was actually quite warm. I was also  pleasantly suprised by how much light the kitchen gets from the alfresco window (as the alfresco is quite deep i wasnt sure how much light we would get in from there.)
Above is the picture of the 'Theatre room' as you see  it from the main living area, it should be quite a nice bright room. Below is the main bathroom, still quite a way to go there, but we are very hapy so far.

Here is the rear elevation, not very exciting, but it is nearly finished now, which is great!

And lastly the windows are all finished internally and ready for the painter to get started in week 10. I cant wait to see it all painted!

So next weekend we should see the painting started, scheduled to be finished in week 11.
Then its just     Work surfaces,
                         Electrical sockets going in,  and
                         Bathroom fit out.
I think thats all! Only one more major invoice left now!


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog - we are building with UE too, but only up to frame/week 5. Where are you building (general area)?

    They seem to be flying along, which is reassuring for us!

  2. Thank you, I have been looking at your blog to, it's great to see how you are getting on. We are down in Doreen, so the same side of the city as you! It's great once the slab goes down isn't it, as the rest seems to fly along! I can't believe we are only one invoice away from completion, it's so exciting, although the prospect of packing and unpacking everything for the move does fill me with dread, this will be our 3rd house since we emigrated to Australia 2.5 years ago! Hopefully I have learnt enough from the last 2 moves to make this one go as smoothly as possible ;-)

    I look forward to following your progress over in Wallan.