Sunday, 30 September 2012

Week 12

Week 12, has been exciting week, we have a garage door (although its not really obvious in this picture). We have heating installed and air conditioning (i doubt anyone needs to see pictures of ceiling vents, but they are all there)
Tiling in the bathrooms is all pretty much done, mirrors are in sinks are in,although hey have got the bathroom and ensuite sinks mixed up (but hopefully thats easy enought to fix!?!?) We love the tiled base to the shower, its so much better than a tray. Toilets should go in next week!

Laundry all set, once the plumbing goes in (hopefully tomorrow), pretty standard, but it is just a laundry, lol!

Kitchens really starting to come together now, the splashback tiles look gorgeous (they were an upgrade) although i think i will definately need to get some grout sealer on the them to make sure they stay looking that way!
Next week should be very exciting. I am meeting up with the SS on monday morning, and he anticipates EVERYTHING being complete by the end of the week (except for cleaning, inspections, and error checking, etc). I cant wait!!! Fingers crossed we'll have our keys in a couple of weeks!!!!


  1. Looking good.. Hope everything goes well till the end

  2. Thank you! We are getting very excited to hopefully move in soon!