Saturday, 4 August 2012

Week 4

Well, we went up midweek expecting to find the frame started, it wasn't, but is was at least exciting to see the slab complete. Turns out, that whilst I had been at home thinking how lucky we had been with the weather, the builders had decided it was too wet to work - how disappointing. There was however a pile of timber for the frame, a pile of roof trusses, and a pile of windows, which looked promising.

I'd had an email from the builder on Tuesday, requesting the 'base' payment, and i had been told that by the end of the week the frame would be complete. I recieved the invoice for the frame on Friday, and was told that by Saturday it would be complete - fantastic news.

We eagerly trekked up to the site late afternoon and found a little bit of framing, but it was nowhere near finished (and the weather was stunning!)

We all walked around and worked out what everything was going to be, and sussed out the garden. I was impressed with the builders on the neighboring site who stayed working away until 4pm. I loved seeing how the house was going to work, although i was very disappointing at the lack of framing. I have checked next weeks forecast and it looks like the first half of the week is going to be mainly dry, so hopefully we will have the frame up by Tuesday. So i know where i will be on Tuesday afternoon........

So in conclusion we seem to have fallen a few days behind schedule this week, fingers crossed we can make it up next week!


  1. Loving the progress, and the week by week break down.

    great pics to!

  2. How is urban edge's services so far?
    I am signing contract with our builder 8homes soon , I have been told 8homes is part of urban edge.

    Hope your build progress smoothly.

    Please do visit my blog when you have a chance.

    Thank you

    Cheers Erni

  3. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

    We've been very impressed so far, there have been a few hitches and a couple of delays but nothing serious! We are about half way through now (8.5 weeks) and we should be getting invoices for lock up and fixing stage later this week, so it's all going well!

    I tried to take a look at your blog, but it says you have to be invited to view it?