Friday, 31 August 2012

Week 8

Well, we have one wall of bricks, which looks great, we are really happy with how all our colour choices are coming together. There is not as much done as i was hoping for, but at least its started. I had a good chat with the SS yesterday. He explained the reason the bricks have been delayed, and was very informative with regards to whats happening now and in the near future.
Although there are not as many bricks done as i was hoping for, the guys were at least hard at work when I visited the site this morning, so lets hope we see some real progress this week.
The interior seems to be coming on well though. we now have coving, skirting, and door frames! which all look great! (below is a picture of my daughters new wardrobe coming together!)

It would appear the bathroom cabinets have been delivered ready for installation, they look lovely just lying on the floor, so im sure they will look great once they are fixed in place :-)

Although I had been told the kitchen was meant to be started 2 days ago, it was nice to see that going in to place. I believe this should only take a couple of days to complete, so i cant wait to see the finished result next week!

Fingers crossed this week we will see the 'lock up' and 'Fixing' stages complete!

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