Monday, 13 August 2012

End of Week 5

Well, its the end of week 5, we were hoping to find the roof all finished but due to the weather all we have is some guttering and scaffolding. Still at least they are ready to go, in week 6. I hadn't thought the weather had been that bad, admittedly wednesday would have been a write off, but Thrusday and Friday, were ok apart from the odd shower. I guess they have to be quite careful when they are working on the roofing though!

Also the bricks were delivered. They are exactly as we hoped. I am so glad we didn't upgrade our brick selection. I think these are pretty smart for a category 1 brick.

We had a good change to see the windows in place, and check out the colour. Although i am sure they will look very different once they have the rest of the house to frame them, we were very happy with the colour. they should look smart from the outside, but also tone in well with our decor from the inside.

I'm writting this on the Tuesday of week 6, and i am very glad to say there has been no rain so far this week. hopefully this is allowing them to steam ahead with both our brickwork and our roof tiles! Needless to say, we are lookin forward to seeing the house at the end of this week! Fingers crossed, for a proper house (externally) by Saturday!!!

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