Monday, 6 August 2012

Week 5 - Tuesday

Well, nothing to report on the house building front so far. However, on a slightly related topic. I signed up with the website the other week, to review Urbanedge Homes, mainly because i was suprised how many negative reviews had been left, when i have had such a good experience. Anyway, whilst I was doing my review i entered their competion to win a new Sauber vacuum (courtesy of 'Godfreys'), and I just got the notification that i actually won - what a perfect housewarming present!

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  1. DON’T BUILD WITH URBAN EDGE. They are liars and string you along in the hope you will change your mind, in the meantime costing you time and money with their unfair tactics. We asked three simple up front questions and they didn’t answer one of them honestly.

    The first question we asked was would they build with Hydronic In-Slab Heating. After confirming on several occasions that that was fine, five and half months later they finally confessed that they couldn’t build our house with in Slab Hydronic Heating. But they strung us along all that time in the hope we would change our minds about what we wanted in our house!. They are dishonest and manipulative, taking them four and a half months to confess that they couldn’t build our House in Full Brick Veneer. That was the second upfront question we asked them that they again confirmed that they could do.

    The third question we asked was whether they were stuck on their designs or would work with us to meet our needs and desires. Again they promised the world and then came the limitations – and the extra fees for everything we wanted changed including double charging for items already quoted and changing their quoted price on several occasions.

    These liars stuffed us around for almost six months, and had the gall to complain when we didn’t take the news well. DON’T COMMIT YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY UNTILL YOU HAVE EVERYTHING FULLY QUOTED IN WRITING – And even then – it’s not enough as they changed their position after we had it in writing, so just don’t trust them. The Jones’ (Yes you know who we are and we will keep on writing to warn others of your unethical behaviour so get used to it UrbanEdge)