Tuesday, 28 August 2012

End of week 7

So, hopefully, we are over a third of our way through the build, and internally its looking great. unfortunatly despite being told the bricklayer was on site all week, and some gorgeous weather the bricks still have not moved. To make it worse, other houses on the street that started after ours are now almost fully bricked. Still i have been assured everything will get going in week 8 (i assume we will not be getting the invoice for 'lock up stage' in the post in week 8 as predicted.)
On a more positve note, as i mentioned the interior is coming on really well, its great to see all the plaster board up. its definately feeling like a real house now. The picture above shows what will be the kitchen, the pipes in the floor indicate where the sink will eventually be. The picture below is the windows in the master bedroom.
And finally for today, the laundry room.

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