Saturday, 18 August 2012

End of week 6.

Well, in just 2 days the house is looking quite different, it has been wrapped for bricking! I didnt go to the site today, but my husband went down with his dad. I was quite jealous as they actually got to see it 'encased' (even if it wasnt bricked).

Below is the view looking through the open plan living area to the front door.

The next picture is looking the oppsite direction (towarss the bathroom). Also, note the bath has been installed. It does seem odd to install the bath at such an early stage, and without the rest of the bathroom fittings - but I am sure they have their reasons!

Looking forward to next week, the forecast looks pretty dry, so hopefully we will see some real progress with the bricks, and maybe even some more internal developments. At this rate we may be at lock up stage in the not to distant future, fingers crossed! (although I dont want to tempt fate)

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