Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Week 5 - Wednesday

Well, we got the ammended frame invoice yesterday, so i went down to checkhow things were going. As you can see, this time it was complete! We have a 'skeleton house'. It was very exciting to be able to 'walk through' our future home. as Urbanedge do not have the 'Jell' on display anywhere, walking through it today, was literally like bringing, what had been lines on a page, to life. Was it how i expected? Yes, i think so, although, it actually felt slightly larger than i had expected - i hope i am still saying that once the plasterboard goes up.

I think today was the first time that the children truly believed we were actually building a house (and not just taking them up to see a patch of dirt on a weekly basis, lol) i think it was also actually the first time i truly got the feeling that we were actually building our own home - its so exciting

The large pile of tiles out the front suggests that we should have a proper roof very soon. i hope that todays heavy rain clears away soon so that they can work on it. I really dont want any more days wasted because of rain! I will be keeping my fingers firmly crossed that we will see some roof tiles in place when we next visit this weekend!

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